Living Room Concept

Creating Living Room Layout Living Room Layout Ideas Living room layout – sofa at the opposite wall from fireplace Fireplace Since fireplace is one of the main focal points in a room you can arrange furniture arround it.
Bay Window Bay windows make great breakfast zones and nooks, but if they are wide enough, they can easily fit a sofa creating a living area.
To create a perfect living room layout first estimate how big or small is the room or living area.
Glass Wall A glass wall provides more light and views than a window so it only makes sense to place a sofa facing the outdoors, especially if the surrounding views are green and beautiful.
When creating a living room layout try to expertiment and get away from the walls.
Start arrangement with a sofa as it’s the largest furniture piece of the whole set and it makes a great focal point.
Open Layout In a house with an open layout living area can be placed anywhere.
Place furniture at different angles from each other and walls to achieve most interesting arrangement and layout.
You can, conversely, place a sofa at the opposite wall while leaving armchairs at the sides of a fireplace.
If the windows are small sofa can be placed sideways to them and a small table set can be placed at the window instead.
If you have other focal points as windows or a fireplace consider arranging furniture set around them.
Usually sofa is placed backwards to an adjoining area to demarcate space and thus separate two areas from one another.
It’s especially important in open layouts as there are no walls and pathways between areas should be open and clear of obstacles.
Make sure there are convenient pathways around the room.